Saturday, September 17, 2016

[Workout Plan Sharing] Weight Training Circuit Workout 重量間歇訓練

{Workout Plan Sharing}
#短時間全身肌肉訓練 If you are short on time like I am lately, you can try this type of "Weight Lifting Circuit Workout" for some quick pumping of the muscles ;)

I have lost most of my upper body muscle in the past month of so, and I am getting ready to build them up again. Without much time to workout, I am using this short circuit training to prep the muscles for the next phase.

**  **  **  **  **  **
I planned         - 6 movements into this circuit, 
Each circuit     ~ 7 minutes + 90s Rest
Do it                ~ 3-5 times depending on your time allowance.

*Get all equipment ready before starting.

**  **  **  **  **  **
Workout Type : Quick 
Volumn           : Light
Purpose          : Pre season warm up
Type               : Weight + Resistant Cable + Body Weight
Location         : Home

Bigger Muscle Groups

Single Leg Deadlift                  16 Rep ( 8 each leg)                [Full Body]

Traps Cable Side Shrug            20 Rep (10 each side)              [Trapezius] 

Regular Push Up on fist           25 Rep                                    [Chest]

Lat Pull Down                         12 Rep                                    [Latissimus dorsi]
Smaller Muscle Groups

Bicep Curl                                8 Rep (each arm)                     [Bicep]

Single Arm Tricep Extension    12 Rep (each Arm)   [Tricep]

            Rest - 90 seconds & DO circuit  x 3+

if you have access to a full gym, adjust the WEIGHT & REPETITION to your preference.

- END of Workout

Single Leg Deadlift              

Traps Cable Side Shrug        
(Pics coming soon)

Regular Push Up on fist      
Lat Pull Down                     

Bicep Curl                          

Tricep Extension

有朋友就結婚想操fit? 介紹呢個計劃比佢啦!